WONG Chun-Foong

APD SpectBT: Arduino-based mobile vis-Spectrophotometer

Quantification of samples is an integral step in numerous biological and chemical experiments. Spectrophotometers are often used together with colorimetric assays that react with the compound of interest in the samples. However, spectrophotometers are often costly, bulky and immobile. To increase the convenience and ease the process of spectrophotometry, the APD SpectBT was developed using the Arduino-based platform to create a smartphone dependent mobile spectrophotometer.

Journal Paper
Nature Methods Application Notes 2017

APD Colony Counter App: Using Watershed Algorithm for improved colony counting

The counting of colonies to quantitate bacteria is an important process in labs for research, clinical diagnosis, and environmental monitoring e.g. in water. Generally counted manually, progress in technology has automated the process through colony counters that can be purchased but can be costly. While efficient, there remains also a challenge correctly detecting clustered colonies compromising inaccurate counts. Leveraging on the smartphone camera, we developed an app that processes images of colony plates and automatically counts them.

Journal Paper
Nature Methods Application Notes 2016
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