A Review of Apps for Programming: programming languages and making apps with apps

Published date : 26 Jan 2019

With the latest technologies enabling smartphones to work like mini computers, there are now numerous opportunities to use smartphones for the development of mobile apps. Given the multiple Operating Systems (OS) available, there is a significant demand for apps for the various platforms. To meet this demand, some apps exist to impart the necessary knowledge to make apps, while others make the programming of apps possible on these devices. Surveying both the Google Play and Apple App stores, there are a plethora of such programming apps, classified based on the various languages. Since it is the smartphone/IoT revolution that is fueling demand for apps, it is exciting that apps are itself, part of the solution. This review discusses programming languages, their uses, the functions, and the potential and limitations of the phenomenon of using apps to make apps.

Journal Paper
Scientific Phone Apps and Mobile Devices (2019) 5:1, doi:10.30943/2019/25012019
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