StanXY: standard curve app for Android

Published date : 15 Dec 2015

StanXY is a free standalone native Android application. It is developed to provide convenience and efficiency to graph plotting. By simply downloading the application, StanXY provides the portability to easily plot graphs on the go as compared to manual plotting and desktop graphing software. The StanXY generates a best fit line based on a set of coordinates entered by the user. The equation of the line (y = mx + c) and its coefficient of determination (R2) are calculated and displayed. With the generated line of best fit, the application allows users to enter a known X or Y coordinate to determine the corresponding unknown Y or X value. Its customisable features include 2 graph colour display and line thickness. The StanXY application allows plotting graphs and calculating unknown values on-the-go in a convenient and efficient way.

Journal Paper
Scientific Phone Apps and Mobile Devices, (2015) 1:2, doi: 10.1186/s41070-015-0003-0
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