APD SpectBT: Arduino-based mobile vis-Spectrophotometer

Published date : 14 Mar 2017

Quantification of samples is an integral step in numerous biological and chemical experiments. Spectrophotometers are often used together with colorimetric assays that react with the compound of interest in the samples. However, spectrophotometers are often costly, bulky and immobile. To increase the convenience and ease the process of spectrophotometry, the APD SpectBT was developed using the Arduino-based platform to create a smartphone dependent mobile spectrophotometer. Through a Bluetooth® connection, users can use a micro-USB portable spectrophotometer and send the readings to the smartphone app to get visible light absorbance readings conveniently. With the portable SpectBT device and app, users can easily perform spectrophotometry on the go in the field and immediate environments conveniently and rapidly.

Journal Paper
Nature Methods Application Notes 2017