APD volumetric app: android app for the quantification of reagents

Published date : 03 Nov 2017

Quantifying reagents is a necessity in laboratory experiment planning but to do so with reasonable accuracy is a challenge when using unmarked containers. While there are volumetric measuring cylinders, the demand of sterility and purity in many experiments prevent their use in a feasible fashion. As a result, experienced estimation is usually relied upon, but this is fairly subjective, and may lead to large margins of error. To ease this process, APD Volumetric App, a stand-alone native Android application enables the smartphone to calculate the volume of the substance in a container through image analysis. Using pixel ratios, a much more accurate estimation of the remaining liquid can be made. This allows the rapid quantification of the contents without the need of volumetric cylinders, especially when dealing with very minute quantities. With this app, more accurate estimations to keep track of reagents for logistics, leisure, and operations, can be performed in an easily streamlined and convenient manner.

Journal Paper
Scientific Phone Apps and Mobile Devices (2017) 3:7, doi: 10.1186/s41070-017-0019-8
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