Bondareneko Vladyslav

"Towards Predictive R-loop Computational Biology: Genome-Scale Prediction of R-loops Reveals Their association with Complex Promoter Structures, G-Quadruplexes and Transcriptionally Active Enhancers"

Published date : 26 Jun 2018

R-loops are three-stranded RNA:DNA hybrid structures essential for many normal and pathobiological processes. Previously, we generated a quantitative R-loop forming sequence (RLFS) model, quantitative model of R-loop-forming sequences (QmRLFS) and predicted ∼660 000 RLFSs; most of them located in genes and gene-flanking regions, G-rich regions and disease-associated genomic loci in the human genome. Here, we conducted a comprehensive comparative analysis of these RLFSs using experimental data and demonstrated the high performance of QmRLFS predictions on the nucleotide and genome scales.

Journal Paper
Nuclei Acids Research, 2018 Jun 26. doi: 10.1093/nar/gky554
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